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Property Tax Appeals

Industry Facts

In each county, the Assessor’s staff cannot physically inspect all of the properties in one given year. Instead, they must rely on computer formulas, factoring, trending, or other technology. These procedures, as well as human error, leave room for inaccuracies.

The assessment process is somewhat arbitrary and highly subjective. Once an error occurs, it compounds over the years. Hoppe & Associates has been successful in reducing the taxable value of hundreds of residential and commercial properties. When applicable, Hoppe & Associates will file refund petitions for overpayment of property taxes paid for the prior 3 years.

Appeal to Pay Your Fair Share

Hoppe & Associates specializes in results-oriented property tax appeals. Washington State law requires the assessed value of a property reflect 100% of market value.  If the assessed value exceeds market, you are paying more than your fair share of taxes.

Choose the options below that identifies your need and let Hoppe  & Associates assist you with your questions and property appeal.

Residential & Commercial Property Tax Appeals

How do you know if your assessed value is too high?

Our firm offers a complimentary analysis to determine if your assessed value is above market. Our analysis will inform you of your appeal options.

The deadline to appeal is typically July 1st or 60 days from the mailing date of the revaluation notice, and varies per County. State law allows the taxpayer to appeal annually.

For All Your Property Tax Appeal needs in Washington State

A residential appeal is based primarily on the market approach to value.

A commercial appeal is based on the market, income, and cost approaches to value.

Other considerations in presenting a successful appeal for a residential or commercial property are: cost to construct, recent appraisal, recent purchase, and adverse conditions. (Examples of adverse conditions are topography, wetlands, steep slopes, age, access, location, zoning changes and deferred maintenance.)

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Business & Personal Property Tax Appeals

Every person or company that makes use of such items as machinery, equipment, computers, or furniture in a commercial, industrial, or agricultural enterprise must file a business personal property affidavit by April 30th of each year.

Rapidly changing local and state regulations have made routine affidavit filing a complex and time consuming process.

A professional review of your current year taxes can result in refunds for overpayment for three prior years.

An estimated 20% of the properties in Washington State are over-assessed.

Excise & Tax Appeal

To address chronic budget shortfalls, State agencies have searched for areas that might produce more revenue. As an example, they have actively pursued perceived under-payments of the use tax and real estate transfer tax.

Harley Hoppe & Associates represents one of the best revenue recovery methods available to businesses today.

We have found errors in the assessment of both the use tax on transfer of furniture and fixtures as well as the real estate transfer tax, where the State sometimes attempts to use unrealistic values when they feel a sale is less than fair market value.  Because our expertise lies in the area of property valuations, we can be instrumental in challenging these discrepancies.

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We offer in-house as well as contract employees in these fields. Our experts have proven track records of success and have acquired their expertise over decades of hands-on experience.

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